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CA001 Stepper motor test

November 18, 2012

The Hendersons across the street, they have this beautiful pair of Bridgeport mills converted and running on Mach3. I can’t even begin to describe these assholes. Let me put it this way. Their doghouse is a perfect scale replica of their home. The entrance is a working scale garage door. It has its own scale doghouse. Solid aluminum.

Or they did, until somebody rubbed mercury paste on it. Kids these days.

Anyways I want my own mill. Fucking jerks. My doghouse will be steel.

I need to start by understanding the fundamentals of controlling the motors. I ordered a stepper motor and an EasyDriver from Amazon. I’m using an Arduino as the control platform because it’s so well documented.

I couldn’t find any pin headers at RadioShack for the driver board so I picked up a 24 pin IC socket to cut up with my dremel.

ImageShould've just gotten them off of Amazon.

It looks like a hot mess from the other side. So look at the soldering instead.

I'd been waiting a long time to see this.

The next step is to build a simple moving platform to test it on.


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