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CA003 Outsourcing

November 23, 2012

So that proved a theory good and well but it doesn’t do shit now does it. I spent a while after that researching linear stage systems but came to no spectacular conclusions, just a textbook grasp of the concept. I have so many more questions about everything in the entire machine.

So I decided to send some money over to Zen Toolworks to have a look at their solution to these problems. 7x12x5 capacity, it should be along shortly.

Take a look at these awesome instructions.


Tell me that’s 296 jpegs with no annotations. Ohhh yes yes yes.


No don’t tell me. 0.7 threads per centimeter. I bet you didn’t expect me to be that hardcore. When my machine tools come in the mail I light the manuals on fire. Give me a box with two hundred unlabeled parts and the contents of your SD card. I’m just that good, and I appreciate you assumed as much.


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